Hey we moved! Remember to check your follow requests!

We probably should have turned off follow requests on @the before doing the migration from @alana_is_tooting

I literally just said "woof" in response to the massive amount of work this is probably going to be. I never say that.

A: Welp legbuttio (lgbt.io) is down so maybe I’ll hasten this move.

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Adelia is gone again, by the way. She wasn't ready to be back.


I'm very confused as to why Toot! has given me three notifications for the same thing in the past five minutes.

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@wenom this is the most precious thing I have heard in a while


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TIL "Since chronic restriction of sleep to 6 h or less per night produced cognitive performance deficits equivalent to up to 2 nights of total sleep deprivation, it appears that even relatively moderate sleep restriction can seriously impair waking neurobehavioral functions in healthy adults."


Adelia has decided to take an indefinite break.

It is my hope that this will just be overnight and she will be fine in the morning. Today was quite draining for her and perhaps she only requires some rest.

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