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It's not even that I necessarily even want to go to a support group. I just want community. I want friends. I want people in the some room as me who understand all the shit. I want people that maybe I can physicality hug because stuff sucks for all of us. I want even the tiniest physical group of people that can be like an irl version of what I have in the fediverse.

I just saw the leader leave. I could have talked with her alone. I've been wanting to do that for ages πŸ˜”

You know the weird thing? I never see anyone go in. But I know they happen.

Do we have cloaking devices?

I don't have one. Am I not a real trans?

Trying to go to the trans women support group tonight. We'll see how far we get.

frozen, lgbtqia+ subtext, maybe spoilery? 

i have had my taste of being publicly queer, and now everything else is like grinding teeth

re: social anxiety, re: plural stuff 

social anxiety, re: plural stuff 

flirting, re: plural stuff 

plural stuff 

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meta please read, sexism on fedi, jokes about sexual violence 

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Is it a Conestoga wagon fitted with laser cannons?

Or is it a Conestoga wagon whose method of propulsion is lasers?

Either way I think it's a Conestoga wagon.


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