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Correct me if I'm wrong, but is having 'Transgender' as an option on the queston 'What is your gender identity' like having the option 'Bus' as an option on the question 'Where are you going today?'

Hmm seems I'm gonna be around a bit today. Be forewarned: I've got some bad feels so I'll be using our old convention of setting a "Mena" content warning.

- (heh seriously who do you think this is?)

the events of 2020 feel like the setup to one of triz’s puns

reclaiming "gay" and using it to mean "good, loving, beautiful" has been so healing for me, highly recommend

feminizing hrt, lesser known effects 

tired: cis actors playing trans characters

wired: trans actors playing trans characters

inspired: trans actors playing cis characters

if the only thing that defines queer community is shared experiences of oppression when everyone is liberated queer community becomes obsolete. If the thing that defines queer community or lesbian community or trans community or all community is shared experiences of joy and life then more people are invited to the party, ya, but also then even when everyone is liberated we still get to love each other and nothing dissolves. everything is fine.

11 FOOT 8 - The Can Opener Bridge

"The train trestle prominently featured in all the videos here has earned a reputation for its unrelenting enforcement of the laws of physics."

need a place to go immediately 

re: selfies, eye contact, one year apart 

selfies, eye contact, one year apart 

teeth (-) 

HRT question 

weird hrt joke 

In many ways Dani is the ideal version of us and she's currently the one driving our transition.

We like her and we definitely do not want to kill her.

Honestly we could go for any of those right about now :(

LB, shitpost, restaurants 

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