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Target girl, Facebook, uspol mentions 

It's actually been so long since we've mentioned her I wonder who actually remembers her 🤔

I get the serious gays for ex-Target girl when she posts selfies! Too bad her politics are yikes :(


I'm guessing we can hear the wildlife because it's so dead quiet outside right now. We live less than 1000 feet from the interstate as the crow flies. Usually there's road noise. There is nothing.

Just had the weirdest chorus of animal noises outside. There's definitely an owl but it's like there's something else imitating it that sounds more like a monkey or a coyote?? Owlyote???

bot-generated text, probably lewd 

-dysphoria inducing

-hella rad
-implies that you are too powerful for cishet comprehension

re: more sad and vague 

selfie, averted eyes 

so, when I'm sad I express it with vagueness rather than being pedantic. huh, good to know!

re: more sad and vague 

more sad and vague 

re: video on gender, youtube link 

video on gender, youtube link 

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