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awkward attempt at Dress Go Spinny, some eye contact? 

Posting anyway by popular demand. Stand by.

It's literally as awkward as the transformation scenes in the 70s Wonder Woman series.

Hey uh, anyone wanna see a disaster transbian awkwardly attempt Dress Go Spinny?

Uhh what is to stop us from just thirst-following every cute/hot girl who gets boosted onto our timeline?

bot-generated text, probably lewd 

we're too fucking gay for our own good, it seems

relationship counseling mention 

selfie, ec 

what search algorithm did the wise men use to find the baby jesus 

To be fair, we've been dead tired because we stayed up on a video chat until 4 in the morning on Saturday night. It was totally worth it though, for all of us :blobkissblush:​ -Mena

Del/Dani: *posts extremely cute selfies, encourages flirts and compliments*

Also Del/Dani: *doesn't follow up on flirts and compliments*


selfie, eye contact, boosts/flirts/compliments+ 

self reminder. maybe for you too 

selfies, eye contact, boosts welcome 

re: selfie, eye contact 

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