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spoons, a little frantic 

selfie, eye contact 

grs genderfuck 

#introduction time!

Hello! I'm elle, i hope you'll find that i'm a sweet and caring trans woman. i'm here to make friends with other sweet and kind folks <3

i plan to post #lewd on this account so please don't follow if that's not your thing.

hashtag spam: #trans #math #programming #acme #plan9 #kindness

when the girls describe themselves as disaster lesbians, part of that disaster is literal lol

We gotta do something about this mess in this frickin junkroom we're calling an office -Kade

Quick reminder of the completely obvious 

med, transphobia hyperbole shitpost 

selfie, eye contact, rainbows 

When your beard
Is too ample
Why not repeat
A muzak sample?



why do we need more accurate telescopes? 

mh (+), social 

okay maybe not "exactly" but I have very good ideas about how I wish my life to look

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